Pierre naturelle de dordogne

The Paussac' quarry

Carrière de pierre naturelle calcaire de Paussac

The town of Paussac home for dozens of years of open quarries for extraction of its stone so atypical. Lafaure SAS has been operating for three generations and has been operating there for thirty years.

White, slightly veined, Paussac stone is mainly used for the restoration or construction of buildings: corner stones, lintels, wall coverings, fireplaces, etc. Its sobriety and class make it a material of choice for all indoor or outdoor elements: pillars of gates, columns, cornices, balustrades, fountains and basins, benches and tables etc.

Technical data

Common denomination Paussac
Establishment Paussac Saint-Vivien municipality
Department 24 – Dordogne
Region Nouvelle Aquitaine
Nature Sandstone bioclastic limestone - Cretaceous (Turonien)
Stone type Limestone
Physical aspect Fine and regular grain, subtle veining
Color Couleur blanc crème
Common uses Stone semi-firm used in the building (in elevation projecting splash, headband, cornice) and natural stone works
Carrière de pierre naturelle calcaire de Paussac
Stone is a natural material that can have hue variations. The technical characteristics presented on the sheet correspond to the values indicated on the test reports, according to the standards in force. However, they are indicative and cannot be considered as characteristics of all the products of the quarry. In the same quarry some deviations could be find, often related to mineralogical and / or structural variations.
Carrière de Paussac

Physical and mechanical properties

Title Mean value
Identification number 6.00
Bulk Density 1.93
Compressive strength 11.10 MPa
Speed of sound 2957 m/s
Porosity 28.10 %
Capillarity coefficient 24.73
Water absorption coefficient 0.83
Cut width 1.16 mm
Metallic disc wear 38.52
Area of use Area 3
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